-20% T4W 444 Clear Coat 2K HS 2:1 / 1L

The clear coat is designed for especially demanding clients. It is characterized by mayor quantity of high solids. It does not stream down even from vertical surfaces and is considerably glossed and scratch resistant.

Applying possible in two systems:

  • Standard
  • Express

The Standard system is based on the use of an acrylic thinner and provides perfect results in case of coating bigger elements in Standard coating conditions (in spray booths up to 60°C).

The express system is based on the use of an express TV-01 thinner – recommended for Fast coating and difficult conditions (either lack of a spray booth or hindered conditions for hardening as well as low temperature). In the express system Fasthardening without the loss of perfect gloss and strong resistance is guaranteed.

Color: transparent

Available volumes:

Product codeVolumeHardener
59019 + 590131L + 0,5L hardenerStandard
59020 + 590145L + 2,5L hardener
59019 + 594951L + 0,5L hardenerExpress
59020 + 594965 L + 2,5L hardener

T4W 444 Clear Coat 2K HS 2:1 / 1L


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