New NORBIN ® Clear N15-020 + N75-021


2K clearcoat for all basecoat finish. Properties: Medium solid, good hardness, fast drying. Application properties: Application equipment HVLP and Compliant gravity-feed spray gun. Nozzle diameter: HVLP 1.3 Compliant gravity 1.3-1.4 Air pressure: 2 bar 2 bar Mixing ratio (by volume) 2 parts NORBIN® N15-020 Clear 1 part NORBIN® N75-021 Hardener Spray viscosity 16 – 18 seconds DIN 4 at 20°C Pot life 120 minutes at 20°C Drying time Normal dry: 30 minutes at 60°C Total hardness: after 24 hours Drying time and pot life may change according to film thickness, ambient temperature, and humidity and hardener type. Above values given according to standard hardener and room temperature at 20°C. Film Thickness Spray coats 50 – 60 µm 2 layers with 3 minutes flash off between coats

NORBIN ® Clear N15-020 + N75-021


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