IWATA Регулатор с манометър

IWATA Manometer - Impact Controller 2

The Iwata manometer is a professional quality equipment, robust and durable, which adapts to all body guns. It allows you to adjust the air flow and pressure with perfect precision when painting bodywork.

Chrome-plated, non-slip body for optimal grip and easy cleaning.

Weight: 124g (light and compact)

High precision adjustment knob allowing perfect control of the air pressure.

Detailed and clear indication:
Graduation from 0 to 10 Bars and 0 to 140 PSI
Accurate reading thanks to a Class 1.6 pressure gauge (standard EN 873).

¼ Male inlet and ¼ Female outlet connection.

IWATA Регулатор с манометър


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  • 120.00 лв.

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