SATA jet 100 B Пистолет за боядисване

Техническа информация

  • Консумация на въздух: 350 Nl/min 
  • Работно налягане: 2,0 bar 
  • Максимална експлоатационна температура: 50°C
  • Вход на въздуха: G 1/4 ext.
  • Дюза: 1.4-2.1
  • HVLP: Extra Economical - HVLP paint spray guns achieve particularly high transfer rates with their low-pressure technology.
  • RP: Extra Fast - RP spray guns stand for maximum working speed with optimized high-pressure technology and low overspray.
  • Both variants can be used very flexibly, meet the highest demands on the painting result and clearly exceed the transfer rates of 65 % required by the VOC directive.

SATA jet 100 B Пистолет за боядисване


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  • 580.00 лв.

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