T4W eXpert line C17 AIRDRY Clearcoat HS 2K 2:1 /5L

C17 AIR DRY is a high quality two component acrylic clear coat for quick car repairs (spot-repairs) with low contents of the volatile organic compounds (VOC).


C17 is a product designed for bodyshops, which constantly face the problem of owners demanding a quick return of the repaired vehicle. The use of materials of the latest generation made it possible to achieve extremely short curing time of our clear coat.


The painted element is ready for installation within 90 minutes after application.


Temperatures below 20°C significantly increases the curing time.


  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent absorption of the overspray
  • Very high spreading
  • High hardness
  • High gloss of the coating
  • Dust-free: 25 ÷ 30 minutes
  • Touch-dry: 90 minutes
  • Paint shall be applied with up to 10% of TVA/TVU thinner

T4W eXpert line C17 AIRDRY Clearcoat HS 2K 2:1 /5L


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