WALCOM пистолет за боядисване Genesi Carbonio 360 evo GEO

Техническа информация

  • Консумация на въздух: 420 Nl/min 
  • Работно налягане: 0.5 - 2.5 bar
  • Дюза: 1.3
  • Дигитален манометър 
  • твърд куфар
  • тегло 340 гр
  • казанче 600мл
  • корпус от алуминии тяло от карбонови влакна

IDEAL FOR WATERBORNE BASE AND SOLVENT. One of the masterpiece of the Walcom® brand, the GEO dual atomization system, hvlp in respect to the California norm n. 1151 SCAQMD with 0.7 bar at the air cap and more then 65% transfer efficiency, perfect for color match. The dual atomizing nozzle, 6 pre-atomizing holes, excellent product lay out, unique system that delivers incredible performance. It’ s very low in air consumption 425 l/min, saving air and consequently energy. GENESI CARBONIO GEO is an excellent professional tool and these are some of the features: - high atomization and product lay out for base coats, - low air consumption (425 l/min) at 2 bar LV technology, - HVLP max 2 bar, - certified transfer efficiency over 70%, - nozzle with special diffuser for airflow homogeneity, - easy to adjust and versatility, - ergonomic handle and trigger, - carbon fiber for lightness and corrosion resistance, - excellent color match, certified, - resistant to solvent and pickling chemicals, - 340 g weight, the lightest on the market.  

Genesi Carbonio 360 evo GEO

Ideal for waterborne base and solvent

Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo is the evolution of the 360 light model, with an integrated air regulator on the air inlet and a digital pressure gauge connected directly to the spray gun body, it's even lighter and easier to handle, ergonomics and comfort are combined with superlative performance. Genesi Carbonio 360 Evo does not require the use of protective plugs for the spray gun washer unlike the competition, just close the air inlet and it is immediately ready for washing. The specific base air cap HP - High paint layout with proper distribution and flow orientation, 12 holes nozzle, precise and wide range of adjustment for fan and paint flow, are details that makes it a unique piece of equipment in the refinish application of the latest generation products.

WALCOM пистолет за боядисване Genesi Carbonio 360 evo GEO


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