WALCOM пистолет за боядисване Slim KOMBAT HTE KILLER EDITION

Техническа информация

  • Консумация на въздух: 265-290 Nl/min 
  • Работно налягане: 2.5 - 2.0 bar
  • Дюза: 1.3, 1.8
  • Аналогов манометър 
  • твърд куфар
  • тегло 345 гр
  • казанче 600мл
  • корпус от магнезии и тяло от кевларени влакна

Slim Kombat HTE 

For over a decade SLIM has been synonymous with quality, reliability and versatility, appreciated all over the world of painting: from Car Refinish to Industry, to Woodworking. Today we introduce the Slim KOMBAT, a new, unique and revolutionary version of the spray gun that has made the history of Walcom®. Slim KOMBAT is incredibly light 380g , it breaks the rules, abandons the classic aluminum body and presents itself with an innovative magnesium body, injected with Kevlar® fiber (PAT. PENDING) Slim KOMBAT is available in 3 versions: HVLP, HTE, HTE SR, which share the same air consumption (220-260 l/min), high transfer efficiency (over 80% for primers and 70% for bases and clear) and for the atomization quality.

WALCOM пистолет за боядисване Slim KOMBAT HTE KILLER EDITION


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  • 450.00 лв.

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